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Sunday 16 June 2019
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Bartlett calls for joint patrols

PRESIDENT of the San Fernando Business Association (SBA) Daphne Bartlett is questioning the reason behind a delay in resuming joint police/army patrols in the southern capital. Bartlett said it was long overdue and she wants to know the status of the SBA’s request.

“It is long overdue, about three years now since we last had joint army police patrols. I am not sure what is holding it back, I have not seen them. There has been no word from police. I would really like to know why is it taking so long to have soldiers and police back on the streets,” Bartlett said.

“We need the protection. Citizens also, not just the business people are feeling the effects of crime. Everywhere is unsafe, they are robbing you for your money, car and invading your businesses,” she said as she pointed out to a banker being shot and robbed of his laptop recently.

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