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Friday 21 September 2018
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Accident victim Vinita holding on

CRASHED CAR: The car involved in the accident which claimed the life of Annise Sakawath and left two of her close friends warded in critical condition at hospital.

AS the days go by, the list of injuries Vinita Sookraj sustained in the crash that killed one of her best friends seems to be growing. Her mother Jassodra Sookraj said in addition to six broken ribs and a punctured lung, Vinita also has a broken jaw and broken bones on her shoulder which may require surgery.

She remains in the intensive care unit of the San Fernando General Hospital after the accident on Wednesday. Jassodra said doctors have kept Vinita on a steady supply of painkillers as she cannot breathe without crying out in pain.

Her friend Annise Sakawath, who died upon impact, will be laid to rest today after a service at her family’s Penal Rock Road home. The accident happened on the Penal Rock Road around noon when Preya Samuel's car skidded on a muddy roadway and hit a utility pole. Preya is said to be in a stable condition.

Yesterday Jassodra said Vinita is conscious but being monitored closely because of her pain. “Every time she breathes, she is in a lot of pain because of the broken ribs and the lung and when she feels the pain, she is taking shallow breaths to try to avoid hurting herself, so the doctors have been putting her on a lot of painkillers so she will breathe normally,” she said.

She said Vinita will mark her 23rd birthday tomorrow. Vinita and Annise shared the same birthday, although Vinita is one year older. Jassodra said Vinita is her only daughter and she is praying that she recovers fully. “She can’t eat or swallow properly and she lost a few of her teeth as well, the doctors say they will have to work on those things when she is stable.”

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