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Sunday 21 April 2019
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Young: Keep children out of politics

COMMUNICATIONS Minister Stuart Young yesterday condemned an attempt by the Opposition to reveal the specific treatment being given to two children who found the body of their mother, who was murdered. Responding to a question from Opposition Senator Wade Mark in the Senate, Young said Government is, “quite disturbed that an attempt is being made to politicise it.”

He told senators, “We are dealing with young children who have just gone through a very traumatic experience.

“We do not encourage that what they are going through, become the national conversation as is being attempted to be done here.”

The children were removed from their former home by first responders. Young said they are now, “safe with their grandmother.” The Children’s Authority is now involved and assessing the children’s long-term care. Government, Young said, will provide as much support as is needed and that is possible.

“We will continue to support them, despite what is happening on the other side.” In response, Mark insisted, “This is not a political matter.”

Earlier in the sitting, National Security Minister Edmund Dillon said the Police Service continues to monitor and liaise with people who have been granted protection orders from the court, “at random times.” Dillon disclosed Government is working on amendments to the Domestic Violence Act, “which has never been done before.”

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