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Saturday 17 November 2018
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Fishing assoc does not believe findings about fish kill at La Brea

PRESIDENT of La Brea Fisherfolk Association Alvin La Borde does not believe the findings by both the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) and the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) that the fish kill at La Brea is because of a ‘bait dump’.

“I do not believe it. Even though the fish were dumped, there were living fish washing up too. There is some sort of cover-up taking place,” La Borde said. As of last week Monday, thousands of fish washed ashore at Carat Shed, Coffee and Point Sable beaches in La Brea. That same day, EMA’s Emergency Response and Investigations Unit (ERI) together with officials from IMA visited the area and conducted investigations.

On Monday afternoon, the EMA issued a press release saying that the excessive quantity of fish was as the result of a ‘bait dump’ either from a trawler or gill net fishing vessel. Bait dump, it said, refers to indiscriminate disposal of an unwanted catch by fishermen.

La Borde criticised the IMA and EMA saying neither organisation revisited the sites to do further investigations.

“Right now, the area is clearing up. Why is it they did not return to do more tests the past few days when living fish were washing up? They only visited on June 11,” La Borde said. Some of the fish comprised of herring, catfish, redfish and mullet.

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