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Thursday 15 November 2018
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Dulalchan not cleared

DCP Deodath Dulalchan.
DCP Deodath Dulalchan.

THE Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs has said that a television news report claiming deputy Police Commissioner Deodat Dulalchan has been given the “all clear” to occupy state lands is “simply incorrect.” In a statement, the ministry said a June 12 letter to Dulalchan’s attorney clearly stated he will not be “displaced” from the subject lands, having regard to the ongoing investigation.

“As is the custom with ongoing investigations, the status quo must be upheld as far as practicable until the investigation is completed,” the ministry said. The letter from the ministry to Dulalchan’s attorney, categorically denied that any irrevocable licence was granted to Dulalchan.

The statement said Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi, “is a fervent supporter of the free press and considers the role of the media to be vital for there to be a strong democracy.” However the ministry asked that members of the media, “accurately report the facts so as not cause confusion in the minds of the public, especially where the issue may be a contentious one.”

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