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Wednesday 14 November 2018
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Death after talking with mom

SHOT DEAD: Chike Denbow, shot in St James.
SHOT DEAD: Chike Denbow, shot in St James.

MOMENTS after speaking to his mother on the phone and assuring her that he would be home soon, 26-year-old Chike Denbow was shot dead while liming in St James on Tuesday night.

Denbow who lived on Clifton Street in East Dry River, Port of Spain was liming with friends at the corner of Alfred-Richards Street in St James at 8.30 pm, a short distance from his workplace, when a silver Nissan wingroad pulled alongside the limers. A man in the passenger side seat fired several shots, hitting Denbow. One of Denbow’s acquaintances called the police and Denbow was taken to the St James District Medical Facility where he died while receiving treatment. His mother Vilma Denbow said it pains her deeply to not know the reason behind her son’s murder.

“I remember telling him that I loved him and I told him to drive safely. He told me that I worry too much and that he would be home shortly. The next thing I know, is the neighbour called me and said he got shot. At that time, I didn’t know he was dead,” Denbow said.

Denbow said that while to her knowledge, her son was not involved in any illegal activities, he had become very uneasy and paranoid in the months before his death. “He was building a house in the East Dry River and he told me he would leave this house for me if anything happened to him. I thought that was an unusual thing for him to tell me. Later on, he told me he felt as if he was being watched by people in the area who were jealous of him.” An autopsy confirmed Denbow’s death was due to multiple gunshot wounds.

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