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Saturday 17 November 2018
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Rawlins, Hernandez claim Road Time Trial wins

JOSHUA RAWLINS and Makayla Hernandez won the juvenile male and female categories respectively, in the 2018 National Road Cycling Championships Road Time Trial, at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy car park, Tarouba on Saturday.

Rawlins, representing the Southclaine club, won his race in 15 minutes 8.12 seconds, followed by Tariq Woods of Team Woods (15 minutes 57.10 seconds) and Mickel Lopez of Rigtech Sonics (19 minutes 37.85 seconds).

Hernandez, of Madonna Wheelers, triumphed in the female section in a time of 19 minutes 35.38 seconds. Keira Ellis of Team Woods was second in 21 minutes 32.49 seconds. In the tinymites male division, Benjamin Mouttet of Breakaway topped the field in 12 minutes 14.88 seconds. Jarel Mohammed of Southclaine finished one minute later in second place, followed by Devante Lawrence of Arima Wheelers (13 minutes 48.35 seconds) and the Rigtech Sonics duo of Mosi Williamson (14 minutes 7.57 seconds) and Aron Matas (14 minutes 9.66 seconds). Alexia Wilson of Arima Wheelers was the lone entrant in the tinymites female section, and she completed the course in 17 minutes 9.66 seconds.

Other Results (clubs in brackets)

Saturday –

Juniors: 1.Enrique De Comarmond (Heatwave) 31:54.69; 2.Maurice Burnette (Phoenix) 34:49.24; 3.Rodell Woods (PSL) 34:59.68; 4.Selik Leacock (Team Pharmaco) 35:36.93; 5.Darius Beckles (Open Road Challenge) 35:57.33; 6.Thair Alexander (Team Woods) 36:22.81; 7.Jean-Marc Granderson (Southampton) 36:42.09; 8.Adam Francis (The Braves) 37:02.26.

Masters 40-49: 1.Richard Carvalho (Heatwave) 35:29.08; 2.Marque Carvalho (unattached) 35:47.08; 3.Wayne Singh (Hammertime) 38:25.44; 4.Ravi Maraj (Hammertime) 39:40.20; 5.Kevin Ramcharitar (Hammertime) 41:07.61.

Masters 50-59: 1.Ancil Roberts (Rigtech Sonics) 16:03.28; 2.Martin Wharwood (Hummingbird) 17:22.04; 3.Wayne Samuel (Hummingbird) 17:23.39.

Masters 60-69: 1.Peter Hernandez (Hammertime) 17:46.85; 2.Stephen Aboud (Team Pharmaco) 18:01.07; 3.Roy Daniel (Rigtech Sonics) 20:16.18.

Masters 70-plus: 1.Pat Nelson (Breakaway) 13:15.82; 2.Foster Francois (PSL) 13:39.70; 3.Lennox Parris (Southampton) 17:33.07.

Sunday (Road Race) –

Tinymites: 1.Benjamin Mouttet (Breakaway); 2.Jarel Mohammed (Southclaine); 3.Aron Matas (Rigtech Sonics); 4.Devante Lawrence (Arima Wheelers); 5.Mosi Williamson (Rigtech Sonics).

Juniors: 1.Enrique De Comarmond (Heatwave); 2.Maurice Burnette (Phoenix); 3.Adam Francis (The Braves); 4.Rodell Woods (PSL).

Masters 40-49: 1.Marque Carvalho (unattached); 2.Sheldon Lennard (Raiders); 3.Martin Winter Roach (Breakaway).

Masters 50-59: 1.Wayne Samuel (Hummingbird); 2.Martin Wharwood (Hummingbird); 3.Michael Brown (Christian Wheelers); 4.Rodney Woods (Team Woods).

Masters 60-69: 1.Ronald Crooks (Raiders); 2.Peter Hernandez (Hammertime); 3.Stephen Aboud (Team Pharmaco).

Masters 70-plus: 1.Pat Nelson (Breakaway); 2.Foster Francois (PSL); 3.Lennox Ling (Southampton).

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