Weed for party

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A security guard caught with 28.4 grammes of marijuana walking along High Street, San Fernando, on Saturday morning was fined $2,500 earlier today.

Anderson Legendre, 32, told police he was headed to a reunion party that night and he had bought a "lil knot" of marijuana to take with him.

He pleaded guilty before Magistrate Cherril-Anne Antoine in the San Fernando First Magistrates Court this morning.

Police prosecutor Cleyon Seedan told the court that around 10.45am on Saturday, police were on patrol along High Street when they saw Legendre look at them and look away.They said Legendre began walking in the opposite direction and looking over his shoulder at them.

When he was stopped and asked if he had anything illegal on him, Legendre replied, “Yeah, boss, I have a lil knot.”

The drugs were found in his right pants pocket and when he was told of the offence of having the drugs, Legendre said, “Boss, I now buy that dey. You know is a reunion party I going later.”

In court today, he admitted that he had been smoking marijuana for some time, but had made an effort to stop last year. He said relationship problems and losing a baby in December 2017 pushed him back to the habit.

He admitted to having one previous conviction for possession of marijuana.

He was fined $2,500 and given two months to pay or will serve six months' hard labour in default.


"Weed for party"

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