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Thursday 15 November 2018
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Retiring employees urgedto get documents on order

Employees who are proceeding on retirement are being asked to ensure relevant documents are ready for processing two years before so as to receive national insurance, gratuity and pension in a timely manner.

So advised Finance Secretary Joel Jack who, speaking at last Wednesday’s, post Executive Council briefing at the Administrative Complex in Calder Hall, said he was was aware several instances where retirees are facing problems to process their NIS in Tobago.

“We continue to work with some of the Divisions; the challenge is the preparations of documents. The process is that we invite persons two years prior to retirement to come into the Division where a process is initiated where their record of service or their pension leave records are prepared to ensure a smooth transition.

“We also have challenges with the payment of NIS as well, but we continue to work with the retired persons. Once the process is followed, the disruptions for that period where persons have to wait for the receipt of their pension and gratuities should be shortened.

“It’s a record keeping process and we continue to work with the Administrator and other seniors in the Division to avoid these bottleneck and other issues.”

Jack said bad record-keeping was a major issue at a divisional level of the Tobago House of Assembly.

“With people experiencing issues with gratuity, we have implemented a system whereby internal auditors are now resident within the Division. In the past, the internal unit was centralised and that created significant bottlenecks in the process of processing these applications.

“We have asked the Divisions…to quantify the remaining gratuity payments to reduce the numbers with regards to monthly, contract and daily paid employees,” he said.

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