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Thursday 15 November 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Inspire change like Buzz

THE EDITOR: Tubal Uriah “Buzz” Butler dared to believe that he could inspire change in this nation of TT and cause a revolution as he literally limped off the steamer with a wound that he had sustained from fighting in World War I. Labour Day in this country was declared an annual national holiday in 1973.

Celebrated on June 19, it is the anniversary of the day of the Butler oilfield riots in 1937. Before 1937 there were ongoing tensions between workers and employers in many sectors.

These were characterised by situations of abuse of workers, underpayment for their labour, racism, economic depression and a considerable fall in the living standards of the working class. Just as Butler made an impact on this nation by inspiring change, our leaders who have been elected to protect us must also do everything in their power to ensure that change occurs in TT by gaining control of the crime situation which continues to rob us of our human capital, our most precious resource.

Another increasing problem is cybercrime and much more must be done to deter it.

The Government has a duty to reduce social media abuse and protect our systems and data from criminals through measures like strong authentication, encryption, and programs to identify and defeat malware. We must begin to change things in this country by making cybercrime less appealing by increasing the risk of detection, apprehension, prosecution and punishment.

The Government must make it harder for criminals to profit from their activities, deepen the social disdain and toughen the moral sanctions that such activities should elicit. Combining crime prevention with crime deterrence results in crime reduction.

Cybercrime harms companies and organisations, their customers and members and the economy and more must be done to inspire change that will result in its ultimate defeat.

, Chaguanas

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