Cyber Crime Unit to check police database for 'gang list' leak

File photo
File photo

Cyber Crime Unit members assigned by acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams to find out whether police officers leaked a sensitive file to social media are expected to seize computers assigned to various elite arms of the police.

Senior officers said yesterday that a file containing the names, photos, aliases, addresses and other information about 45 people linked to the Rasta City gang can only have come from someone in the police, They said the Criminal Gang and Intelligence Unit, Special Branch and the Strategic Services Agency have access to it.

Apart from the police, the Ministry of National Security is also privy to the file.

A source from the Cyber Crime Unit said yesterday they will also have to seize some phones belonging to police assigned to some of these units.

Last week senior police said an 11-page document listing alleged gang members in East Port of Spain was released with the intention of alerting rival gangs to their whereabouts as potential targets for reprisal killings.

The list surfaced on What's App last week.


"Cyber Crime Unit to check police database for ‘gang list’ leak"

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