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Tuesday 25 June 2019
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Young: Terror threat is real

SANGRE Grande resident Keegan Roopchand’s “script” that the Carnival terror threat was a hoax is wrong. Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Stuart Young made this clear yesterday, when he said law enforcement has tangible evidence which disproves allegations from Roopchand and others about the threat.

Speaking at the post-Cabinet news conference at the Diplomatic Centre in St Ann’s, Young said, “The time will come when they will have to face what needs to happen.”

After recalling the chronology of events which led to the thwarting of the threat, Young reminded reporters that Roopchand was questioned about this matter when he returned from Jordan. “At that stage, he chose to say nothing.” Young said part of TT’s counter-terrorism strategy involves returning people with question marks over them, being detained, interviewed and questioned. He said it is not surprising that two to three weeks later, Roopchand and other people have recited the script he has. “Let’s be honest here,” Young said. There is no need to contact Jordan to verify Roopchand’s allegations. “Do not think for a moment that we have already done what you have just described,” Young told reporters. “Not us the Government but our law enforcement agencies,” he added.

Evidence is being built as investigations into this matter continue. Roopchand’s claims are being viewed, “with a level of skepticism.” Young said when he met with British anti-terrorism and intelligence agencies in London in February during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. The terror threat was discussed at those meetings. “What took place at Carnival, was very real intelligence,” Young said.

Recalling that local law enforcement carried out several operations to counter this threat, Young declared, “It is important and critical to note that information came from our partners, international intelligence agencies. Both the Jordanians and other allies of TT.”

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