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Monday 24 September 2018
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Couple tied up, robbed of car, cash and two gas tanks

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File photo


A Freeport couple is appealing for the public’s help to get back their wagon, which was stolen at gunpoint from their home last night.

The couple, who asked not to be identified, told Newsday they were accosted by three men, one armed with a gun, around 10 pm on Wednesday. The two other bandits had cutlasses.

In an interview, the woman said the bandits ransacked their home and took their black Y12 wagon, PCY 2980. It has the words "Live and Let Live" in yellow on the front windscreen.

“We were returning home and I came out of the car before my husband to use the bathroom. Before I could open the front door, they ran up to me and the man with the gun pointed it at me and told me to open the door,” she said.

The couple was taken to their bedroom, their hands and feet tied with electrical wire and they were made to lie face down on their bed.

“They said they came for the money and they wanted us to tell them where it was, I told them we didn’t have any money and they started to ransack the house,” she said.

The bandits found jewellery, phones, a TV, two gas tanks and $500 in cash. I was wearing rings and they took them off my fingers.

"When they couldn’t find any more money they started to get frustrated and one of them was slamming the cutlass on the bed. They were on the phone with someone the entire time and the person was telling them there must be money in the house,” she said.

The bandits then drove off in the couple’s car.

The woman said she managed to untie herself and then her husband and they reported the robbery to the Freeport Police.

They are asking anyone with information about the car to contact the Freeport police at 673-0026 or any police station.

“The car was broken down for a while, we only fixed it a few weeks ago and we need it to make a living. We are asking for any help we can get in getting it back.”

The Stolen Vehicles Unit of the Port of Spain CID is investigating.


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