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Friday 19 April 2019
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Beaten woman: I forgive him

FOUR days after she was brutally beaten with a gun butt by her ex-lover, Kemba Olufemi, 56, said she was left emotionally scarred.

But the mother of two said yesterday she had forgiven her attacker, Lloyd Logan.

Logan took his own life by drinking poison at the Tropical Plaza, Pointe-a-Pierre after attacking Olufemi, dealing her 100 blows with a gun butt.

After a four-month relationship with Logan, she said she never regretted parting ways with the man who almost snuffed out her life. When the incident happened, she felt anger and hatred for the man she once considered her partner. However, after four days of prayers and deep thinking she no longer feels that way, she said.

Speaking from her hospital bed yesterday, Olufemi said she was able to smile for the first time yesterday after being given words of comfort.

On Monday when he called and asked to meet her at Tropical Plaza she never thought he planned to kill her.

Asked how she felt while being beaten, she said, “I was in shock and all I did was call the name of Christ.”

She said she will not be at Logan’s funeral today in Couva, but will pray for his soul and she has forgiven him for what he did to her.

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