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Monday 20 August 2018
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Trini students win NASA internships

Keenan Chatar, right, Ariel Chitan, US Embassy Charge d’Affaires John McIntyre, President of NIHERST Sylvia Lalla and NIHERST President Professor Winston D Mellows

TWO students of the University of the West Indies’ St Augustine campus are expected to participate in an internship programme hosted by the US National Air and Space Association (NASA) later this year, a release issued by National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (NIHERST) said.

Keenan Chatar, 24, a masters student in computer and electrical engineering and Ariel Chitan, 23, a final-year undergraduate student in physics and mathematics were among four shortlisted candidates selected after a screening process facilitated by NIHERST. From this process, NASA then selected Chatar and Chitan to participate.

Both students will be assigned to NASA’s Ames Research Centre, Mountain View, California, from June 18 to 24, where Chatar’s research will centre on on-demand manufacturing in space, which involves sending supplies and spare parts to the International Space Station. Chitan’s project will focus on aeromechanics research activities that directly support the civil competitiveness of the American helicopter industry both on the side of civil and military aircraft.


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