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Thursday 16 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Lara, speak out on cricket mess

THE EDITOR: The Global T20 tournament in Canada in a few days is an opportunity to groom future West Indies cricket stars. At least that’s what Courtney Browne, chairman of the selectors, would have us believe.

It sounds wonderful from a public relations perspective. Unfortunately, that’s all it is. How can you select future stars and not include any or all of Kirst Kallicharan, Bhaskar Yadram, or Amir Jangoo?

All three have showcased their outstanding talent recently and in the past. Their exclusion is entirely in keeping with the selection process in Windies cricket for decades, however.

If Browne and company are sincere in moving West Indies cricket forward, the best players must and should always be selected.

Instead, Browne and his cohorts continue to hijack West Indies cricket by a random hit-and-miss selection process where a certain bizarre criteria is followed.

This victimisation of the same group must cease. I ask the Trinidad public to make their voices heard. It certainly won’t hurt to have one Brian Lara — a commanding voice in the region — speak out.

Over to you, Brian.

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