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Friday 17 August 2018
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Dillon and Williams in laventille

National Security Edmund Dillon.

One day after a document containing the names and personal information of 45 members of the Rasta City gang who police say are marked for death was circulated on social media, the heads of the various arms of the Protective Services undertook a walk through the streets of east Port of Spain in a show of force.

National Security Minister Edmund Dillon was accompanied by the MP for the area, Fitzgerald Hinds, acting police Commissioner Stephen Williams, Chief of Defence Staff Hadyn Pritchard along with heavily armed police and soldiers. Several heavily tinted SUVs belonging to the various arms of law enforcement drove in convoy through the area as the Minister led the march. Residents of the area complained bitterly to the Minister Dillon that they are prisoners in their own homes as they are fearful of venturing out of their homes because of escalating gang violence.

The Minister also used the opportunity to visit the grieving relatives of three men killed last week Friday on the Old St. Joseph Road in Laventille . One of them was 16 year old old Joshua James who was playing video games when he was shot. Both Dillon and Williams say the list of names of Rasta City gang members is being investigated .


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