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Monday 10 December 2018
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Tots and Tumblers in National gold rush

Tots and Tumblers’ Gabriella Thong does a flip at the National Gymnastics Championships over the weekend.
Tots and Tumblers’ Gabriella Thong does a flip at the National Gymnastics Championships over the weekend.


TOTS and Tumblers Gymnastics Club (TTG) took the lion’s share of individual and team prizes, when the curtains closed on the TT Gymnastics Federation (TTGF) National Gymnastics Open Invitational Championships on Sunday.

The event took place at the National Cycling Centre, Couva, under the watch of qualified judges from the US who saw 325 gymnasts compete from Levels 1-9.

Tots and Tumblers won all levels of team competition, apart from Level 2 where they finished third.

Among the standout performers for the Port-of-Spain club was 10 year old Zara-Marie Glen, who despite finishing second in the Level 7 10-12 category with a score of 37.400, starred among the older competitors. Level 7 was won by Sydney Charles who took an all-around score of 38.150 points. The scores were above the minimum mobility to see Charles and Glen into Level 8 competition next year. They now have to adapt to new skills associated with Level 9 competition.

Tots and Tumblers swept competition in Level 8 which was open to all ages, with Adrianna Housty, Gabriella Thong and Trinity Sargeant taking first to third all-around.

Sidney Charles of Tots and Tumblers competes in the floor exercises at the National Gymnastics Invitational Championships at the National Cycling Centre, Couva, on the weekend.

“We are very proud of our athletes and the camaraderie displayed by all girls and boys at the competition,” said coach Michelle Telfer-Frankland. “Our tumblers stood up to the challenge and performed well at all levels.”

Tots and Tumblers might have earned more awards, if not for the absence of Level 9 Karissa Kirton, who participated with distinction at the NAAA National Junior Athletics Championships held over the weekend too.

Level 9 saw just one competitor in Petrina Wallace taking part in two events.

The newly introduced pre-competitive (PC) level saw some 72 tumblers showcase their skills and get a feel for a tournament in the non-competitive event.



Level 9 (All-Around, All Ages) – 1st- Petrina Wallace (GSTAR), 16.750

Level 8 (All-Around, All Ages) – 1st- Adriana Housty (TTG), 35.250; 2nd- Gabriella Thong (TTG), 34.425; 3rd- Trinity Sargeant (TTG), 33.100.

Level 7 (All-Around)

16 Years – 1st- Jaelen Sobers (TTG), 37.650.

10-12 Years – 1st- Sydney Charles (TTG), 38.150; 2nd- Zara-Marie Glen (TTG), 37.400; 3rd- Sierra Peters-Charles (GTC), 32.500.

Level 6

18 Years – 1st- Amethyst Cuffy (OGC), 24.750.

12-14 Years – 1st- Amiyah Maundy (TTG), 37.025; 2nd- Jada Heywood (GSTAR), 35.600; 3rd- Jodelle Brumant (TTG), 35.100.

Level 5 (All-Around)

12-15 Years – 1st- Keneisha Belfon (TTG), 35.325; 2nd- Nicolette Key (OGC), 34.250; 3rd- Kyla Joseph (TTG), 33.500.

9-11 Years – 1st- Thea Mortley (TTG), 34.375; 2nd- Ashia George (TTG), 34.075; 3rd- Tyona Small (OGC), 33.625.

Level 4 (All-Around)

14-17 – 1st- Xaria Rowe (TTG), 35.975; 2nd- Latoya Jack (OGC), 35.075; 3rd- Sonte Taitt (GSTAR), 34.075.

12-13 Years – 1st- Sanaa Sullivan (TTG), 35.800; 2nd- Antonia Weekes (LEE), 34.975; 3rd- Maya Grant (GTC), 34.775.

10-11 Years – 1st- Tenique Vincent (TTG), 37.000; 2nd- Gabriella Warner (TTG), 36.775; 3rd- Jessica Davis (TTG), 36.150.

Level 3

14-15 Years – 1st- Cierra Wills (LEE), 37.125; 2nd- Serena Burke (OGC), 35.850; 3rd- Jada-Marie Lee Riviera (GEXP), 35.400.

12-13 Years – 1st- Bryanna Gumbs (LEE), 36.825; 2nd- Paige Worswick (TTG), 36.550; 3rd- Keyara Prince (OGC), 35.875.

11 Years – 1st- Tessica Laurence (TTG), 36.500; 2nd- Chelsea Ferreira (OGC), 36.450; 3rd- Tyrelle Marcus (TTG), 35.975.

10 Years (Senior) – 1st- Peta-Elena Brown (TTG), 37.225; 2nd- Alexia Puthier (TTG), 37.050; 3rd- Sophia Celine Roach (TTG), 37.750.

10 Years (Junior) – 1st- Jatoi Marcano (TTG), 37.475; 2nd- Jourdann Fournillier (TTG), 36.550; 3rd- Miracle Darbeau (TTG), 36.250.

7-9 Years – 1st- Nyomeigh Stewart (OGC), 36.100; 2nd- Reese-Maree Daniel (TTG), 35.850; 3rd- Edyn Aching (TTG),35.825.

Level 2 (All-Around)

12-15 Years – 1st- Kalifah Williams (LEE), 38.375; 2nd- Jada-Marie Jeremiah (LEE), 37.525; 3rd- Kristianna Richards (OGC), 36.825.

11 Years – 1st- Renee Stephen (LEE), 37.950; 2nd- Amyia Badal (LEE), 36.975; 3rd- Elizabeth Scott (TTG), 36.800.

10 Years – 1st- Kaylee Fabien-Williams (TTG), 37.150; 2nd- Breanna Beckles (OGC), 36.975; 3rd- Zahra-Lys King (GAK), 36.650.

9 Years – 1st- Kelsey Vincent (TTG), 37.250; 2nd- Zekhia Gokool (OGC), 37.125; 3rd- Sian Charles (TTG), 37.075.

6-8 Years – 1st- Alora Morang (OGC), 37.150; 2nd- Denisha Haynes (OGC), 36.950; 3rd- Jade Davis (TTG), 36.825.

Level 1 (All-Around)

11-14 Years – 1st- Aleah Francis (LEE), 38.725; 2nd- Aaliyah Duke (TTG), 37.975; 3rd- Sofia Bajetti-Motta (TTG), 37.650.

10 Years – 1st- Alexea-Renee Thornhill (LEE), 38.425; 2nd- Soriya Alleyne (TTG), 37.550; 3rd- Azariah Honore (OGC), 37.175.

9 Years – 1st- Zinniah McDonald (TTG), 38.325; 2nd- Savannah Ayoung (TTG), 37.325; 3rd- Jayah Nancis (GAK), 37.225.

8 Years – 1st- Aria Pedro (TTG), 37.300; 2nd- Alicja Chang Kit (TTG), 36.900; 3rd- Seaton Sadie (OGC), 36.900.

6-7 Years – 1st- Madison Rahael (TTG), 37.150; 2nd- Jadea Bowen (MAA), 37.125; 3rd- Tyanna Edwards (MAA), 36.825.


Level 6 (All-Around) – 1st- Lucas Brady (GTC), 54.1000; 2nd- Vivek Charran (GTC), 48.4000; 3rd- Ziyshan Abdool (LAM), 46.4000.

Level 5 (All-Around, All Ages) – 1st- Daniel McIntosh (LAM), 52.4000; 2nd- Nikolai Luke (LAM), 46.000.

Level 4

15 Years (All-Around) – 1st- Cameron Balkissoon (LAM), 48.200.

11-12 Years (All-Around) – 1st- Raushawn Lewis (MAA), 50.000 (1T); 2nd- Zephanian Faustin (MAA), 50.000 (2T).

10 Years (All-Around) – 1st- Jonathan DeGannes (GTC), 49.600; 2nd- Aydon Crawford (LAM), 48.100; 3rd- Daniel Lewis (OGC), 45.700.

9 Years (All-Around) – 1st- Sheldon Parris (OGC), 48.300; 2nd- Aaden Kurban (OGC), 46.500.

Level 3

8-9 Years (All-Around) – 1st- Johnathan Nicholas (MAA), 46.700; 2nd- Malachi Faustin) (MAA), 45.900.


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