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Thursday 16 August 2018
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Senator: Shift schooling from YTC

OPPOSITION Senator Taharqa Obika yesterday urged that detained youngsters be schooled off site of their detention facilities, speaking in yesterday’s Senate debate on a Government motion to Approve the Children’s Community Residences (Rehabilitation Centres) Regulations, 2018.

“Education should be provided outside of the residence where possible.” He said this was in line with the “Havana Rules”, that is, the United Nations (UN) Rules for the Protection of Juveniles Deprived of their Liberty. Obika lamented that at present youngsters housed at the Youth Training Centre (YTC) at Golden Grove are taught on that site.

“This (motion) presents us with an opportunity to right a wrong.” He said a fresh environment away from the detention facility can positively change a youngster’s behaviour. Saying everyone should want detained youngsters to turn out to be productive members of society, Obika recalled a childhood friend who was sent to YTC at age 16 but when he later returned to his normal school he was found to be outstanding.


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