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Wednesday 15 August 2018
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Police distances themselves from "Gangster List"

Police patrol the streets of Port of Spain during the Christmas shopping season. PHOTO BY RATTAN JADOO.

HIGH-RANKING police yesterday denied compiling a list of 45 men from the Eastern Port of Spain area and marking them as gang members.

Police sources told Newsday yesterday after reviewing the list that there was no evidence to suggest it was compiled by police.

However, Newsday was told that the people that compiled the list must have had intimate knowledge of the gang and its inner workings.

Yesterday afternoon (earlier today) a list began circulating on social media which included information on 45 men who were purported to be gang members, particularly a faction of the notorious "Rasta City" gang which operates mostly out of the Port of Spain area.

The list givess information on the men that includes their whereabouts, last known addresses and ranks in the faction of the gang. It also gives detailed information on a man believed to be the leader of the gang.

Police sources told Newsday they will be investigating to find out the source of the list and the intention behind compiling it.


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