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Monday 24 September 2018
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Joseph prevails in OWTU Rienzi Cycle Classic

Sidney Joseph
Sidney Joseph

SIDNEY JOSEPH of Team Pharmaco prevailed in the Elite Open category as the OWTU Rienzi Cycle Classic pedalled off from San Fernando to Fyzabad on Sunday.

Joseph completed the 77-kilometre course ahead of Phillip Clarke, representing Massy Insurance of Barbados, with Enrique De Comarmond of Heatwave finishing third, followed by Sheldon Ramjit (Hummingbird), Guy Costa (Heatwave) and Roneil Woods (PSL).

De Comarmond topped the field in the Juniors category, ahead of Adam Francis (The Braves) and Darius Beckles (Open Road). Fourth place in the Juniors went to Maurice Burnett of Phoenix, with Rodell Woods (PSL), Thair Alexander (Team Woods) and Andrew Darwent (Heatwave) taking the next three spots.

Other Results

Juveniles: 1.D’Angelo Harris (Rigtech Sonics); 2.Joshua Rawlins (Southclaine); 3.Tariq Woods (Team Woods); 4.Benjamin Mouttet (Breakaway); 5.Alano Asevero (Rigtech Sonics); 6.Mickel Lopez (Rigtech Sonics).

Masters 40-plus: 1.Sheldon Lennard (Team Raiders); 2.Stephen Rodney (Team Raiders); 3.Marque Carvalho (unattached); 4.Richard Carvalho (Heatwave); 5.Wayne Singh (Hammertime); 6.Sergio Marques-Pita (Slipstream); 7.Kenrick Williams (Rigtech Sonics).

Masters 50-plus: 1.Ancil Roberts (Rigtech Sonics); 2.Martin Wharwood (Hummingbird); 3.Wayne Samuel (Hummingbird); 4.Walter Paul (Rigtech Sonics).

Masters 60-plus: 1.Cyril Fook (PSL); 2.Ronald Crooks (Team Raiders); 3.Peter Hernandez (Hammertime); 4.Godfrey Clyne (Southclaine); 5.Earl Gonzales (Madonna); 6.Roy Daniel (Rigtech Sonics); 7.Lawrence La Fond (Rigtech Sonics).

Tinymites: 1.Jarel Mohammed (Southclaine); 2.Mosi Williamson (Rigtech Sonics); 3.Devanti Lawrence (Arima Wheelers).

Juvenile Ladies: 1.Keira Ellis (Team Woods).

Masters 70-plus: 1.Lennox Ling (Southampton).


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