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Monday 22 July 2019
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Dillon hands out certificates of comfort


NATIONAL Security Minister and MP for Point Fortin Edmund Dillon last week handed out certificates of comfort to 33 people from squatting communities in his constituency. The certificates of comfort were given to residents to provide them with security of tenure as many have been living on land for more than 30 years.

Dillon handed out the certificates at his constituency office last Friday. “You all will be getting relief in one area that touches every human being and that is shelter,” Dillon said.

CEO of the Lands Settlement Agency Hazar Hosein told recipients that once they have the certificates no one would be able to remove them from the land they occupy. The certificate also specified that in the event any one has to move, then alternate accommodation will be provided by the state.

He also said this is the first stage in the process of regularisation where recipients will be given a lease for 30 years. “Now the LSA will be moving into the settlement to provide proper roads, drains, water supply and electricity. Thirty three certificates of comfort were given to squatters in the Southern Gardens area and Springle Street,” Hosein said.

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