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Monday 27 May 2019
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Prison officer’s house shot at

NORTHERN Division police are searching for the occupants of a white Nissan Tiida car who opened fire at the home of a prison officer on Saturday night.

Police said that at 10.30 pm, the car was seen outside the Tunapuna home of the prison officer when gunshots were fired. The vehicle later sped off while. The walls of the house were pock-marked by the bullets while there were holes in several windows.

Newsday was told that the prison officer was not at home during the shooting, however his parents were in a back room at the time and they were the ones who contacted the police. No one was harmed.

Acting Prisons Commissioner Dennis Pulchan, in a press release yesterday, condemned the shooting and reminded the public that attacking anyone including members of the protective services is a serious offence punishable by law.

He also urged prison officers to remain vigilant as the criminal element appears bent on not only intimidating but also to kill law enforcement officials.

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