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Thursday 16 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Ensure safety first

THE EDITOR: It was recently reported that Justice Frank Seepersad said that citizens must provide law enforcement with crime information if they have such.

I beg to differ with the judge as there are many instances where such information from civic-minded people reached rogue police officers and the citizens were “silenced” in more ways than one.

And these are not limited to state witnesses.

To add salt to injury, there is also a poor and inefficient witness protection programme that’s rendered meaningless to many people. Does the judge you know the daily fear that state witnesses and other providers of information to the police live with? We have to get rid of the rogue police and fix the witness protection programme before we innocent citizens risk our lives and those of our families by passing crime information to the police. The judge should instead make suggestions that will ensure citizen safety from rogue officers before asking us to sign our own death warrants.

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