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Wednesday 26 September 2018
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Seed of greatness

Denice Dedier and a model sport her Seed of Greatness line. Dedier also runs a football academy in her Biche hometown.
Denice Dedier and a model sport her Seed of Greatness line. Dedier also runs a football academy in her Biche hometown.


HER life will not be lived in vain and neither will yours if Denice Dedier has anything to say about that. The 25-year old student is using clothing to push positivity in her community of Biche and beyond.

Sitting on a bench at the University of West Indies, St Augustine where she is in her third year in pursuit of a sports management degree, Dedier, who has a twin, said once she thought of herself as less than nothing. As far as she knew, she had no ability, no voice, no vision, no purpose, but giving up, was a no-no. Growing up in church, Dedier recalled one day late last year, having an encounter with God that changed her world view.

“I loved the idea that God wants us to understand that we are greatness. I used to have very low self esteem until I understood that I am a seed of greatness. When you think of it, a seed is a very small thing and you can get a large tree but the seed needs the right environment to grow,” Dedier said pointing to the concrete slab a bench was erected on and the grassy areas surrounding it.

Her “environment” for her greatness comes in two forms–her apparel line, Seed of Greatness, and her football club, Biche Football Development School in her Walcott Street, Newlands Village community. Since launching the apparel line and taking over the football school, which trains children ages five to 17, she has seen the impact in her own circle of the positive messages. Dedier now wants to take it across the country.

“I was asked a few times to speak in different schools, but I never thought I would have done something like that. When I see how people are responding to being called a seed of greatness, I think that we all should hear it. I want to take my message to the world,” Dedier said. She chose clothing because it’s fashionable, a necessity and can convey a message effortlessly. Dedier now plans to branch out from clothing to linen design in the hope that her concept encourages people to change their thinking and their actions.

Sports management student Denice Dedier models one of her Seed of Greatness sport/casual line. PHOTO COURTESY

She added that parents, politicians and community leaders need to foster an environment for children to grow in a positive way.

Positive re-enforcement goes a long way, she said, and is a personal testament to how three simple words changed her perspective on life and has seen children, who she mentors in the sport she loves, blossom, because they accept that in them there is greatness.

“I refuse to live in vain, I understand purpose. I now understand that availability is better than ability, you have to use the little you have to become great. I understand the power words have so I also speak positivity into the life of others,” Dedier said, adding that her brand should not be labelled as a “church brand” but a truth.

Dedier said her boosted self esteem has seen her grow from a shy church mouse, to a community leader and her clothing line is just the first of many avenues she hopes to use to empower others. She is in the process of registering with the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs and wants to spread the message in schools.

Denice Dedier wants her Seed of Greatness brand to inspire youths to be positive.

“The concept of being a seed of greatness can save a family and save a community. I aim to write a curriculum that can be used in schools using positive re-enforcement of being a seed of greatness. The world is suffering from identity crisis and if we know who we are, we will be unstoppable. One of the main things I want my children (at the football academy), and others to take away is that this life is about serving and I want to serve and want to encourage others to serve, and serve the truth that no matter what, you are a seed of greatness. There is greatness in you and is just for it to be exposed.”

Anyone interested in purchasing Dedier’s products can contact her on her social media pages on Instagram and Facebook, Seed of Greatness Apparel.



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