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Wednesday 15 August 2018
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Seeing sound live on the Boulevard

Rodell Warner - digital artist

WHAT if you could see sound? Or hear in colour?

Seeing Sound, Live Show and Interactive Art Installation event is described as a visual and sonic experience, featuring dance, music, film and a bit of science at the Grundlos Kollektiv at 11 Cipriani Boulevard, Port of Spain.

Zayna McDonald

Singer-scientist Danielle Williams, singer-actor Kyle Richardson, dancer-choreographer Zayna Marie McDonald and digital artist Rodell Warner will be part of the live show comprising pop, electronica, classical, popera music and Caribbean sounds in fusion with film, poetry, digital art, lighting and projections.

Seeing Sound will feature excerpts from Natural Attraction by Warner. Kats Imai will provide sound design and reinforcement.

Danielle Williams - singer scientist

“What’s different about this event?

The music is integrated with the projections, film, light, art installations and a bit of science, said a media release. “The audience is allowed to participate in the creation of the art and will in fact become a part of the art itself. This will be an innovative, one-of-a-kind experience, something new,” the release said.

The artistes have a wealth of experience behind them. Williams has been delighting audiences locally and abroad with her sparkling voice, penchant for storytelling and vivid characterisations, both in staged productions and at special events. She is committed to advancing the fields of vocal science and pedagogy in the region and allowing the classical music world to explore Caribbean culture.

McDonald is a versatile performing artist with a passion and vision for the future of the arts. She olds a BFA in the Performing Arts from the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) where she majored in dance, with ballet, contemporary, Indian classical, folk, Latin, heels and modern under her belt. She has experience on stage in music, dance and acting productions including World of Dance TT.

Kyle Richardson

Singer/actor Richardson, who was born in St Kitts, has been singing from age seven. A past member of The Love Movement, he spent six years training with Bernadette Laughlin Scott, and performed on many different stages including the Lincoln Centre in New York. He is the lead singer of the soca band The Flick.

Warner is expected to thrill with his artistry. His most recent works are photographic portraits in which his digital animations are projected onto his subjects’ bodies, dramatically altering their appearance.

The show, which is being sponsored in part by Clinical Media Group, takes place tomorrow at 7 pm and Sunday from 6 pm.



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