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Saturday 18 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

PM and those boats in Perth

THE EDITOR: Off the top of my head I would tell Dr Roodal Moonilal that the Prime Minister is ensuring that with three working ferries it is less likely that people could arrange to sabotage the sea bridge. After the criminal suffering of deliberate sabotage I would say seeking out two extra ferries in Perth, Australia, is excellent planning. If Moonilal can show the electorate where only one single homicide happened in 2010-2015, then he could talk foolishness.

We are experiencing a serious surge in crime that was exacerbated by the porous borders inflicted on TT when an extremely silly decision was taken by the Partnership government to cancel the OPVs. So, who really pumped up the ball that went flying down the wicket to knock out our defences against guns, drugs and human trafficking? Empty rhetoric is getting us nowhere fast. No one Minister of National Security can change the reality of our crime problem in the blink of an eye. It took a lot longer than blinking to arrive at present-day crime statistics.

The sitting Opposition has to become part of the solution instead of adding to the obscenity of the situation with useless nonsense talk.

, Diego Martin


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