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Monday 20 August 2018
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Squatting ‘morally wrong’

Squatting will not be tolerated in Tobago. So said Chief Secretary Kelvin Charles, who described this practice as “morally wrong.”

Speaking at the weekly Post Executive Council media briefing at the Administrative Complex in Calder Hall on Wednesday, Charles, responding to a question about squatting taking place in Tobago, said it was unfortunate and will not be tolerated.

“To me, any attempt of squatting I think is unfortunate and therefore even if it is not significant, it is still an issue because I think it is morally wrong. There are others who are purchasing lands or asking their parents for portions of lands while others are paying mortgages and abiding by the law,” he said.

“We ought not to tolerate such a situation where persons can break the law and prosper and there are others who are abiding by the law and see themselves as being disenfranchised because they are abiding by the law. This can lead to behaviours that are unacceptable which will encourage others to squat also. Any form as squatting as far as I am concerned, significant or not, is an issue.”


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