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Saturday 20 April 2019
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Police accompany woman to husband’s funeral

Man killed by close relative

POLICE had to accompany Selina Hosein and her 19-month-old baby Daliya to the Waterloo cremation site where she bade a final farewell on Tuesday to her husband Parasram Gobin who was crushed to death by a dump truck two Wednesdays ago.

The dump truck was driven by a close male relative of Gobin who was questioned by police but released pending the outcome of a coroner’s inquest. Hosein claimed that after her husband’s death, his relatives accused her of wanting to get the truck driver locked up.

Hosein was banned from attending the funeral by Gobin’s relatives. The funeral was held at Joyce Trace in Chase Village. “They told me I was not allowed to step one foot in the house and that I could not attend the funeral. They told me not to come to the house and I was afraid if I had gone, who knows what they would have done,” Hosein said.

Because of this tension, Hosein said she requested an escort from the police. “How could I not say a final farewell to my husband. I didn’t go to the house. I only could have gone to the cremation site in Waterloo. It still hurts to know I didn’t even get a chance to see my husband’s face for a last time. It really hurts how they treated me,” Hosein cried.

The close male relative who drove the truck which killed Gobin was present at the funeral and then at the cremations site. “I saw him at the cremation site. It really hurts to know that my husband, the man I was with for 12 years, is dead and that man (the driver) is continuing his life normal. My child will grow up not knowing her father,” she cried.

On May 30, Hosein, Gobin and the suspect were liming at Lylane Street in Felicity, when the man got into his truck and threatened to bounce down people. Gobin intervened by holding on to one of the side mirror of the dump truck while pleading with the driver to behave himself.

The suspect drove off at high speed and Gobin fell to the ground and was crushed by the wheels of the truck. The driver later surrendered to police. Police said the driver later failed a breathalyser test.

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