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Wednesday 26 September 2018
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More big things for Nailah Soon to release exclusive song on TIDAL

Nailah Blackman
Nailah Blackman

It is not only Black Entertainment Television (BET) nominee Nailah Blackman can add to her resume but, now, also exclusive TIDAL release. The young artist will soon release an exclusive song via the streaming platform Anson Soverall Blackman’s manager told Newsday. TIDAL is a streaming music platform that connects artists with fans through music videos.

“We just came back from TIDAL and TIDAL is now doing an exclusive release. She is not only the first female to get an exclusive release. Even though Rihanna owns part of TIDAL she has never done an exclusive release with them. She is also the first Caribbean artist to get an exclusive release on TIDAL,” he said to Newsday on Tuesday.

The process, he said, was started on June 4. He said the release might happen in this week or next week.

The news of Blackman’s TIDAL release came as Soverall spoke about her BET nomination for Best New International Act.

But it is not only BET and TIDAL interested in Blackman. She was also featured in an interview with AJ+, the online news and current events channel run by Al Jazeera Media Network. The video was posted on the network’s Twitter page on June 2. She spoke about soca, Carnival and colonialism in the AJ+ video.

Soverall said that interview was done during Carnival. “Basically, because we are doing a pretty good job of putting her out there and giving her good content and her music is doing well on streaming platforms worldwide... I guess that is part of how she has become visible and then the local media has been doing its part. She is on people’s radar now and opportunities like these just happen,” he said.

For Soverall, being nominated for the BET award - while being in the business only 15 months - is truly a milestone.

“She is nominated for Best New International Act. This category is designed for breakout stars worldwide.

“Nailah being in the business only 15 months...It is hard to say what her chances her but if the entire Caribbean backs her, we have a very strong chance. She is up against people from Korea, France, Nigeria...their sheer population numbers versus Trinidad that alone tells me is an uphill fight but if the Caribbean comes together and shows its support we definitely have a shot.”

He added that her nomination was another win for soca.


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