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Wednesday 19 June 2019
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Griffith: Police must act

FORMER national security minister Gary Griffith said the Police Service must act, now that the Anti-Gang Bill is law. The bill was proclaimed on May 28. In a statement, Griffith said, “This is one subject whereby the politicians, on both sides, have done their job, and should all be commended, by ensuring that such a critical Bill is enacted.”

He continued, “It is now high time for the leadership of the Police Service to stop finding excuses and now do their job.” Griffith said, “No one policy can be regarded as the be all and end all to secure a nation.” However he said the bill is, “ one of dozens of positive policies required so.”

As such, Griffith said the bill must be used, “to utilise operational means to prevent gang members from associating, developing and strengthening communications networks.” He described concerns about the bill affecting people’s constitutional rights as a red herring.

Griffith said if the Police Service did the relevant research, it would see that the success of anti-gang measures in most cities across the world is as, “a deterrent to disamantle the gangs.” He added the legislation’s success should not be primarily based on people being arrested. Griffith recalled as national security minister, anti-gang legislation played a major role in curbing serious crimes in 2014. Griffith was confident, “this could happen again if this bill is utilised in the right manner.”

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