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Friday 17 August 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Rubbish all over Maracas Beach

THE EDITOR: The state of Maracas Beach on Friday – the western side nearest the hotel – was, to put it mildly, nasty, filthy and deplorable.

There was rubbish all over the place – overflowing bins, bottles, empty food boxes, greasy paper. Name it and it was there.

Adding to the unhappy situation are:

1. An unnecessary and strangely located playground placed plumb in front of the hotel, completely obscuring the view of the sea and beach.

2. Chairs and umbrellas laid out along the beach with no one in them, so you have nowhere to put your own when you get there. Some people fall into the trap and pay to rent. Happily others don’t and just sit near to them so that the renters eventually have to move them.

3. The unfinished state of the buildings and toilets with galvanise, wood and debris all over the place

Who is responsible for these horrendous ideas? And who or what body oversees the cleaning of the beach. What is the Minister of Tourism’s role in this fiasco? Does the minister have a plan?

M POUCHET, Woodbrook


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