Police bracing for East PoS gang war

Photo: Rattan Jadoo
Photo: Rattan Jadoo

Police are closely monitoring activity in Beetham Gardens and East Port of Spain in anticipation of an all-out gang war between the two communities.

This comes after two men were killed last night during a drive-by shooting near the Beetham basketball court.

Shortly before 11 pm last night, residents heard gunfire and the sound of a car speeding off.

They checked and discovered the bodies of a man identified only as Harewood and another unidentified man.

Another man, identified only as Huggins. was wounded in the incident.

The drive-by, police believe, is a reprisal for the murder of 36-year-old Kevon Joseph aka "Fish" who was killed in Belmont yesterday afternoon.


"Police bracing for East PoS gang war"

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