Fathers of murdered youths brace for East PoS gang war

CHRISTOPHER LEVIA, the father of Kareem Stanislaus who was shot and killed after killing 17-year-old Kobe Brown, aka “Bottles,” is calling for an end to violence as a series of shootings in Belmont and the Beetham have left residents bracing for an impending gang war between the communities.

Newsday spoke yesterday with Levia, who said he was concerned but not particularly surprised by the murder of Kevon Joseph, aka “Fish,” on Monday afternoon, and blamed the increase in violence on children who no longer value the advice of their elders.

“What happened to my son was a real tragedy, but you just can’t talk to these children any more. I didn’t know he was involved in all of this gang foolishness until the last few days of his life, and by then it was too late. All these children want to go about and do their own thing. They don’t listen any more, and no crime plan or national security minister can do anything about that.”

Stanislaus said while there was a feeling of hopelessness in the community about dealing with rising crime, he believed greater introspection by parents and their children was necessary. He said poor communication led his son towards a life of crime and urged other parents not to make the same mistake.

Newsday also spoke with Sherlon Gunn, father of Kobe Brown, who said the Belmont community remained tense after Joseph’s murder on Monday. He said after his son’s murder last month, his family had moved, to try and avoid escalating gang violence, and also because: “We couldn’t bear to stay in that house. All over were memories of him (Kobe).

“His grandmother migrated to the States and his mother and I live together in another part.

“A lot of parents don’t know what their children are doing while they are at work. It’s up to us as fathers and mothers to try and get through to these youths.”

Gunn added that since the killings, life in Belmont has come to a standstill, as residents are now fearful of entering and leaving their homes after dark.


"Fathers of murdered youths brace for East PoS gang war"

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