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Saturday 22 September 2018
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Woman robs man after asking to use his toilet

STILL STANDING: Although still traumatised, Carl Ramrattan manages to smile after being robbed by a woman who asked to use his toilet at his Rio Claro home on Saturday.

WHEN a 71-year-old Rio Claro man opened his doors to a woman who begged to use his toilet, little did he know that she would rob him.

The woman took $1,800 from Carl Ramrattan. The money was part of his pension grant and was kept near a television in the living room at his San Pedro Branch Trace, Rio Claro home.

Ramrattan told police he was in his kitchen washing wares on Saturday when, at about 4pm, he heard a woman calling for help. He looked through a window and saw the woman, who he did not know, squirming in discomfort.

“She told me, ‘Please sir, can I use your washroom? I really need to pee.’ When I saw this strange woman outside my house begging for help, I immediately unlocked my doors and let her in because I thought to myself there is a woman asking for help just to pee.”

Ramrattan said he also saw a green Nissan Laurel car parked a few meters away.

“I opened the door and let this woman in my house and showed her where the washroom area was. She kept thanking me over and over. I still had no idea what was going to happen.”

He said seconds after the woman walked towards the bathroom, a man came out of the car and walked to the gallery where he was.

“This man greeted me normal and even said thanks for assisting the woman. All this time I still was not thinking anything of it.”

Ramrattan said the man then asked him if he was home alone. “I said yes, still not thinking of anything of it. I was just being polite. That’s the type of person I am, always helping someone.”

The man then left Ramrattan’s side indicating he was going to the car to get something.

“This man came back with a cutlass. I did not know where to run or what to do. I just stood there. I froze, I was shaking. He had the cutlass by my neck and threatened to kill me if I moved or did not obey him. I just stood still and did not say a word.” Ramrattan said it was then he knew he was being robbed.

“Twenty minutes had passed and the woman was still inside. I could hear furniture moving and draws opening and closing. She was going through the things in my house. I could not believe what was happening.”

Ramrattan said when the woman found his pension money, she came outside counting it. “She then looked at the man and said, ‘Let’s go now’.” They then ran towards their car, he said. “I sat on the ground for a while in shock. I let this woman into my home to use my washroom and this is what she did.”

Rio Claro/North councillor Hazarie Ramdeen, who visited Ramrattan to lend support, described the incident as disturbing. Ramdeen said he was concerned about the recent increase in robberies in the Rio Claro area.

He said the type of crimes now happening shows that burglars are going to any lengths to rob innocent people. He urged residents to be more vigilant. Rio Claro police are investigating.

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