Wife told not to attend husband’s funeral

CENTRAL Division police are expected to approach Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard, SC, today for instructions in the investigation involving the Felicity man who was crushed to death by a dump truck driven by a relative, last Wednesday.

Investigators will seek the DPP’s instructions after an autopsy is done today on the body of Parasram Gobin, 34.

Yesterday investigators were completing interviews with eyewitnesses and tying up of loose ends before putting together their file to take to the DPP.

Police have already determined that the driver of the dump truck failed a breathalyser test and registered 105 micrograms, 70 micrograms more than the legal limit of 35 micrograms.

Sources said it was likely that the driver will only be charged with driving under the influence and an inquest into Gobin’s death will be ordered.

Newsday understands that one eyewitness gave a conflicting account of what took place, while others claimed Gobin threw himself in front of the dump truck and attempted to prevent the 28-year-old truck driver from leaving.

Yesterday Selina Hosein, the common law wife of the victim, said she was being blamed for the entire incident and has been told by relatives that she is not welcome to attend the funeral service.

Last Wednesday, Hosein and others, including the victim and the suspect, were liming at Lylane Street, Felicity, when the suspect reportedly threatened to plough into his relatives.

Gobin allegedly intervened by holding on to one of the side mirrors of the dump truck and pleaded with the driver to behave himself.

The man the man drove off at high speed and Gobin fell under the wheel of the truck, which crushed his head. The driver surrendered to police hours later.


"Wife told not to attend husband’s funeral"

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