‘Penny’ goes missing

THE last time anyone saw Winston “Penny” Corbie was in his community of South Oropouche on May 9.

Corbie was said to be drunk at the time, but since then relatives said the father of five seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

He is a pensioner and lives at Second Branch Road, School Trace, with his 57-year-old wife.

Concerned relatives are asking anyone with information about his whereabouts to contact the nearest police station or Oropouche police at 677-7544.

“People said they saw him at about 3 am on May 9, waiting for a taxi to go San Fernando. He was drunk so we have no idea why he wanted to head in that direction. It is a normal thing for him to drink and stay out but this is the longest he ever stayed out,” said a relative.

Relatives said at times he would spend a few days with relatives in Siparia, but they have not seen or heard from him since last month.

Corbie, a grandfather of two children, left his home at about 7.30 pm on May 8 to go out.

“We have been searching everywhere. He is not answering his phone and we don’t know if he lost it. We went to One Way Bar and other areas where he normally goes, but no one knows where he is,” the worried relative said.

He was last seen wearing a blue and white t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans and a pair of black and white sneakers.


"‘Penny’ goes missing"

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