Please come home Hailey

Hailey Kinsale, 12.
Hailey Kinsale, 12.

WHOEVER is housing missing 12-year-old Hailey Kinsale would feel the brunt of the law, warned Southern Division police yesterday.

Although police have not yet located her, they believe she is being housed somewhere and vowed to reunite her with relatives. Police said that the search continues for the standard five student of the Marabella Anglican Primary School. She lives with her grandmother and father at Roy Joseph Street, San Fernando. Her mother lives at Chaguanas.

Kinsale’s grandmother Samdayah Meena Singh last saw her playing with friends at a basketball court near the family’s home last week Thursday. But, up to last evening, the child’s whereabouts remained a mystery.

“Police are really working. They are keeping in touch with me. Anything that child wants she gets so I cannot understand why she run away. That same night she left, I heard people saw her with two friends at KFC (Library Corner). When I spoke to the friends they said they left her alone there,” Singh said.

“Hailey please come home.”

On Thursday her mother Alicia Alexander received information that someone spotted Hailey near Amin’s Roti Shop on the Southern Main Road in Marabella. Police went to the area but did not find the child.

“I am just praying for her safe return. I have had sleepless nights worrying about my child. I just want her to be safe,” Alexander said.

Kinsale wrote the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examination last month and is awaiting her results.


"Please come home Hailey"

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