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Sunday 24 March 2019
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Work starts on Galleons Passage

WORK has started on the Galleons Passage at the Damex Ship building facilities in Santiago de Cuba, where it is being retrofitted with an upper deck. Damex is a Dutch company operating in Cuba and will also install toilets and other fittings to make it passenger-ready. Government bought the Catamaran from China as a new vessel for $14.7 million but additional work had to be done. The Galleons Passage arrived in Santiago de Cuba at about midday on Monday and by afternoon it was taken into an enclave where work started.

Upon completion, it will set sail for Port of Spain, a journey which is expected to take approximately five days. Work on the boat is expected to be completed by next week Saturday. The Galleons Passage’s expected arrival is closer to the end of this month.

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