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Tuesday 18 June 2019
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No one to hear their screams

MURDERED: Dipchand Heeralal and Radica Baldeo.
MURDERED: Dipchand Heeralal and Radica Baldeo.

FOUR years ago, Radica Baldeo, 53, and her common-law husband Dipchand Heeralal, 62, moved into the secluded area of American Flat, Kumar Village in Williamsville. There, they built a life together. Their house, off a dirt track, is surrounded by bush. Only ducks and chickens live in the area.

So on Wednesday night when the couple was attacked and killed, there was no one to hear their screams for help. Their closest neighbours lived several kilometres away in the village of Kumar. Police believe there was a struggle at the house, as they suspect Baldeo may have fought the killer.

Heeralal’s brother in-law Romullus Madho, 62, told Newsday yesterday, “I don’t think they would have ever imagined something like this to happen to them. They always thought they were safe here .They lived in their own little world here, away from everyone, but visited family members often.

“Evil comes and finds you wherever you are and evil found them,” he lamented, “and took away two of the nicest people you would ever meet. They didn’t have much but was always willing to help.” Baldeo’s body was found under a table where police believe she tried to hide from her killers or killers before she was shot in the head.

Heeralal’s body was nearby and investigators believe he was killed first with one shot in the chest. Up to late yesterday evening Homicide Region Three police were trying to find a motive for the killings. At about 3.30pm on Wednesday a handyman went to the house and called out to Heeralal. When he did not get a response, he looked through a window and saw the bodies.

Speaking to Newsday at the couple’s home, Madho said the lives of two families have now been shattered. “Radica and Dipchand were inseparable. They were always together working on the farm. They worked day and night planting and rearing animals. It was something they loved to do and had a passion for.”

Madho said he was close to Heeralal and knew he would have not let any harm come to his wife.

“Her body was found under a table and I know he may have been trying to protect her from the killer.”

At his Garth Village, Williamsville home Baldeo’s son Stephen, 27, said he is still in shock.

“I was close to my mother, so I would know if someone was threatening to harm her. She did not tell me anything. She was very happy living with my stepfather at American Flat.”

Stephen said his parents divorced ten years ago and his mother found love again with Heeralal. Autopsies will be done on Monday. Police revisited the area yesterday, still searching for clues.

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