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Wednesday 26 September 2018
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Heritage Pavilion: destination romance

Heritage Pavilion, oneof the go-to venues for weddings in Tobago
Heritage Pavilion, oneof the go-to venues for weddings in Tobago

Since opening its doors in 2005, the Heritage Pavilion has been one of the go-to venues for destination weddings in Tobago.

A part of the Pigeon Point Heritage Park, the facility, built on 6,000 sq ft of space, hosts an estimated 65 weddings per year and continues to be a preferred choice for couples, particularly from North-America and Europe.

Derlene John, the facility’s accounting officer said management has capitalised on the Heritage Pavilion’s success, thus far, through an aggressive marketing campaign in magazines and other publications.

She said this was necessary given the decline in the tourist sector.

“Romance, in terms of destination, is on the decline because of the general decline in tourism,” she told Business Day.

“So, we want to use the Heritage Pavilion in Pigeon Point to push that concept of how romantic Tobago can be with the beach being the biggest selling point.”

She said special promotional initiatives are also carried out for various popular events on the island, such as the recently-concluded Tobago Jazz Experience.

Accounting officer Derlene John

John said, though, management was still building its relationship with the newly-formed Tobago Tourism Agency.

“The relationship is still in the working phase. So, right now, we are responsible for our own marketing but would make the venue available so that when they are interested in having anybody come about to do any marketing on their behalf, we have the area available for them to do so.”

The Heritage Pavilion was one of the stops in a media familiarisation tour on May 6, for local and international journalists, wedding planners and travel bloggers.

The event, organised by Leve-Global, sought to project Tobago as the ideal romance destination.

John said the Heritage Pavilion was conceptualised by one of Pigeon Point’s former marketing officers, who saw the benefits of having a sit-down wedding on the beach.

“So, we decided to construct a building to make it a little more formal but at the same time have it open because there are a lot of windows around that can be opened to welcome the light and a view of the beach.”

Among the facility’s characteristics are an entrance portico, gazebo and high-pitched roof.

John said clients are given the option of having their wedding on the beach and then coming indoors for the reception. The facility can seat about 250 guests comfortably.

She said the iconic thatched-roof jetty, located metres away from the Heritage Pavilion, was also available to clients, especially for photographic purposes.

John said the Heritage Pavilion also offers a three-bedroom bungalow for as many as six people, including couples, who wish to stay on a site close to the venue for weddings.

The fully air-conditioned rooms offer a range of services, including DirecTV; internet/wi-fi; laundry (washer and dryer); patio with barbecue grill; and nightly security.

Apart from weddings, the Heritage Pavilion can also be used for seminars, workshops, corporate retreats and luncheons.

The revenue from the facility is used for its upkeep and the heritage park’s overall maintenance.



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