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Wednesday 22 May 2019
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Dump truck killer

Drunk man murders relative using vehicle as weapon

A 26-year-old Carapichaima housewife looked on horrified as her husband was crushed by a dump truck driven by a close relative at Lyle Lane, Felicity on Wednesday night.

Selena Hosein the mother of 18-month-old Dahlia screamed when her husband was crushed. In her hysterical state, she ran to his lifeless body, then she went to her mother’s home in disbelief.

According to police reports at around 9.30 pm on Wednesday, Selena Hosein was in the company of her husband Parasram Gobin, 34, including the driver of the truck, who is a relative when an argument broke out. She told Newsday her husband tried to soothe tensions but the man continued making threats. During the altercation the suspect ran towards his truck and threatened to plough into everyone at the home.

Gobin also hurried towards the truck, held onto the mirror on the driver’s side and begged the man to behave himself. The enraged man sped off and Gobin fell in front of the dump truck. The driver rolled over Gobin’s body and continued to drive the truck without stopping. He drove the dump truck to his mother’s home at Joyce Road, Chandanagore, where he told his mother Bissondaye Gobin there was a small accident and he wanted to cool his head.

Bissondaye received a frantic telephone call from Selena informing her that the suspect had run over Parasram and that he was dead. When Bissoondaye confronted the man he reportedly said, ‘’I did not kill anybody, they lying on me.’’

Bissoondaye visited the scene, where she saw her son’s body on the road. The woman was comforted by Selena and others.

As police officers took control of the crime scene, the suspect was taken to the Chaguanas Police Station by female relatives. While at the police station, the suspect reportedly said he had too much to drink and was sorry for his actions.

Police investigators revealed the suspect faces several charges including causing death by dangerous driving.

He was also asked to take a breathalyser test which he failed.

Yesterday, Selena said on Indian Arrival Day, her husband along with the suspect and other relatives went to the Felicity River and had a lime where they cooked curried chicken and rice. She said they also caught fish in the Felicity River and when they left late on Wednesday, they all gathered at her mother’s home and cleaned the fish.

She told Newsday the suspect was always in the habit of misbehaving when he drank alcohol, but Parasram often defused the situation. “I do not forgive my husband’s relative for snuffing out the life of an innocent man. I think he should face the full brunt of the law and he should not blame alcohol for his behaviour. Imagine he killed my husband and had the guts to drive all the way home without even stopping to render assistance. That is not a person with a heart.”

She said her husband was the sole breadwinner and built cupboards for a living.

“I do not know how I will survive as a single parent and take care of our 18-month-old daughter. This is too much to bear.”

Selena called on people who have problems associated with alcoholism to seek the necessary counselling to avoid what transpired on Wednesday night.

“Imagine a brother killing a brother and showing no remorse. How could someone commit such a cruel act and not take responsibility for their actions? I am numb out of grief. I don’t know if to turn to the right or the left. I am now a widow because of the ill-actions of another human being who should have known better. All I want is justice although I know he cannot bring back my husband.”

Yesterday other eyewitnesses to the incident said it soured their Indian Arrival Day holiday and they too are hoping that the suspect faces the full brunt of the law.

The killer dump truck was towed to the Chaguanas Police Station and the body of Gobin removed to a mortuary on Wednesday night.

Police investigators said several eyewitnesses were yet to be interviewed before a file would be presented to the DPP for addressing the matter

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