Police probe possible assault on girl, 4

A MAYARO woman is being questioned by police after a video of a four-year-old girl with a swollen left eye was posted on social media.

In the video, the girl tells another woman that her mother cuffed her in her eye.

The woman was questioning the child while in a car. The incident is believed to have occurred on Friday last.

The child has since been taken for medical treatment and is now in the care of relatives after the intervention of members of the Child Protection Unit.

The woman in the video is heard saying, “Look at this child eye. Who do you this baby?”

The child, with a pink school bag on her back, responds, “My mudda.”

“You sure you ain’t fall?” the woman asks. The girl nods her head repeatedly saying no.

Woman: “You sure you ain’t fall down and get your eyes hurt up so?” The girl again says no. The woman then presses further saying, “What your mother do to get your eyes like that?”

Looking down, the girl says, “She cuff meh.”

Facebook users expressed their disgust. “What could a child do to deserve this?” one woman asked. Another said, “Some people don’t deserve to even have children. What madness is this? This is so sad, tears came to my eyes watching this video.”

When contacted, Children’s Authority chairman Hanif Benjamin said the authority receive a report and had intervened.

“Our mandate is to provide care and protection for all children of Trinidad and Tobago, so we would have gotten involved immediately over the weekend and started our investigations as well as ensuring the child is safe.”


"Police probe possible assault on girl, 4"

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