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Monday 21 October 2019
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Inter-island ferry lists sailing schedule

THE inter-island ferry service will continue its sailing schedule this week. The MV Cabo Star and the TT Spirit will service passengers until the arrival of the Galleons Passage, which is still weeks away from arriving in TT.

The boat arrived in Cuba on Saturday, but because of the extensive work to be done on it, is not expected to arrive until the end of June or beginning of July.

Schedule from today:

May 29: (From PoS) 4pm Spirit; 2 pm Cabo Star; from Scarborough) 6.30am Spirit; 11pm Cabo Star

May 30, (From PoS) Indian Arrival Day: 12 noon Spirit; (From Scarborough) No sailing Cabo Star; 8.30am Spirit; No sailing Cabo Star

May 31, (From PoS) Corpus Christi; 12 noon Spirit; No sailing Cabo Star; (From Scarborough) 8.30am Spirit; No sailing Cabo Star

June 1: (From PoS) 4pm Spirit; 2pm Cabo Star; (Scarborough) 6.30am Spirit; 11pm Cabo Star

June 2: (From PoS) 4pm Spirit; 1pm Cabo Star; (From Scarborough) 6.30am Spirit; 10pm Cabo Star

June 3: (From PoS) 3pm Spirit; 12.30pm Cabo Star; (Scarborough) 9.30am Spirit; 11pm Cabo Star

The vessels will continue to sail as scheduled from June 4. Passengers are reminded that check-in closes 45 minutes before the sailing to ensure that the vessel departs on schedule.

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