No info on kidnapped teen

NO one has come forward with information to Crime Stoppers on the kidnapping of Port of Spain teenager Darrell Cuffy.

On May 3, Crime Stoppers offered a $50,000 reward to any member of the public for information which could lead to his release.

Yesterday Farrell Cuffy, his father, said he has been liaising with Anti-Kidnapping Unit police as well as Crime Stoppers to find out if any information has been shared with them about his son, but was told no one had called.

Yesterday, Farrell Cuffy said he is not hearing anything from investigators either and is now wondering if his son may have been killed.

“I don’t know if my son is dead or alive. I do not know what to do. I have not left my house since my son was kidnapped on April 25, and while all this is taking place my business is suffering.”

Last week, Customs and Excise searched cargo which was supposed to be transported to Tortola in one of Cuffy’s ships and found a quantity of cocaine.

Farrell insisted he had no idea why his son was kidnapped and maintained that he is not willing to pay any ransom.

“Right now I am living in fear that I may be the next target, which is why I have been staying indoors, and I have told my other family members to exercise all the necessary precautions.”

He said while he is aware the police are challenged when it comes to finding kidnap victims, he is hoping the government considers providing them with the latest technology to track down kidnappers.

“I am not blaming the police, but I am blaming the system, which I believe is archaic, and I feel that in any developed country my son would have been found already.”

He said he was curious as to why no member of the public had offered information, but added that he had not given up hope.

On April 25 Darrell Cuffy was driving his father’s BMW in Fairways, Maraval, when he was snatched and bundled into an SUV.


"No info on kidnapped teen"

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