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Saturday 18 August 2018
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Sisters of

Danyeal, Kylie share passion for ballet

Kylie-Dayne Wong is a ballet student of Bently Potter School of Dance.

Ballet is a passion which Danyeal-Sky Roopnarinesingh-Wong, 11, and her eight-year-old sister Kylie-Dayne Wong share.

Danyeal and Kylie, as everyone calls them, are so close, they do almost everything together. The sisters shared with Newsday Kids their interests in fashion, performing arts and sports, with ballet at the centre of it all.

At age three, Danyeal joined Bentley Potter School of Dance and has since progressed to grade five in the Royal Academy examinations.

“Ballet is my favourite hobby, I love to dance,” said Danyeal.

Kylie follows closely in her sisters footsteps as she has attained grade two in the Royal Academy exams. “When I am in ballet class I feel like I am flying in the air, like a butterfly,” she said.

Danyeal-Sky Roopnarinesingh-Wong is a grade five ballet student.

The sisters are A-students at Chaguanas Government Primary School where Danyeal is in standard four and Kylie in standard one. “When we get home apart from everything else our mom helps us focus and get our homework done,” said Danyeal.

What else do they do?

“Gymnastics and swimming and I play the violin,” said Danyeal. Danyeal also studies drama with award winning actress Cecilia Salazar.

“I did a show called Crime and Punishment last year at the Southern Academy of the Performing Arts so that’s when I really got involved in acting. I was a beautiful swan,” said Danyeal. She was the youngest person to audition for a lead role.

Kylie enjoys modelling most of all. “I like to strut on the runway. I feel at home there. My favourite model is Victoria Secret’s Angel Adrian Lima because she moves so gracefully and she looks amazing while doing so,” she said. The sisters’ schedules consist of gymnastics on Mondays with Tots and Tumblers Gymnastic Club. On Tuesdays and Thursdays Danyeal has ballet and gymnastics. On Wednesdays, Kylie has ballet and Danyeal has lessons, while Kylie has ballet on Fridays. Saturday is their most hectic day as they play tennis, attend gymnastics, swimming and a hip hop dance class.

Danyeal, who is preparing for her grade two violin exam, is fascinated by South Korean pop culture, known as K-Pop.

“The first thing that interested me in Korea is their culture and how they dance. Dancing is what gets me into it and I learn K-Pop routines which I find are a mixture of ballet, hip hop and jazz and modelling. When I get older I would like to live in Korea, Tokyo or Denmark,” she said.

Her three favourite K-pop groups are BTS, BlackPink and Twice. “I like their music because it is very colourful and youthful.”

Danyeal can also have casual conversations in Japanese, Korean, Danish and Tai which she taught herself from YouTube. A high-achiever, she placed second in the Caribbean Gymnastics Meet in 2016 and third in 2017. She and Kylie won competitions in their age groups at last year’s Easter Bonnet show hosted by the Chaguanas borough. The sisters also trained with Red Runway in 2017 for two months for the fashion show.

What are their favourite subjects?

Kylie’s is maths because she is learning to count and multiply better. Danyeal likes science and social studies because she likes to keep up with current events and doing tests in the lab.

What do they want to be when they grow up?

“I would like to be an international model, so I can travel the world and meet different people. I would love to visit France,” said Kylie.

Danyeal wants to be a pathologist because she is curious about “what is the cause of death?”

“I would also like to do autopsies.”



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