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Saturday 20 April 2019
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No sight of boy in mom-chopping incident

FIVE weeks have passed and the 15-year-old student who reportedly chopped his mother has not returned to his home-community Freeport.

The teenager, a form three student of Presentation College in Chaguanas, is believed to be staying with relatives at an undisclosed location and is also frequently visited by counsellors, Newsday learnt. A close relative said while some of the villagers in the community of Butler Village have hard hearts and will not forgive the teenager, many have done so.

The boy’s father continues to support, care and provide for his son and said he will continue to stand by his son’s side. The relative said the boy is “very remorseful for what he did and continues to ask for his mother’s forgiveness.”

Family members and residents are still shaken by the incident, but the mother is on her way to recovery.

“It would be a long time from now before she is able to do things on her own using both hands,” the relative said. The mother’s right hand was severed and she was chopped several times on the back of the neck after an argument with her son.

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