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Saturday 18 August 2018
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Fathers of murdered teen and hitman reconcile

Kareem Stanislaus

An uneasy silence fell over the Forensic Science Centre in St James this morning as the families of 17-year-old Kobe Brown aka "Bottles" and his killer, reputed hitman, Kareem Stanisclaus stood mere meters apart from each other at the centre, as they awaited the results of their respective autopsies.

However, both families managed to reconcile their differences and expressed support and condolences to each other despite their tragedies.

Brown was shot and killed when Stanisclaus and another unidentified attacker stormed his Walcott Lane, Belmont home on Thursday shooting him several times before escaping, However, no sooner had the killers left the house, they were reportedly shot at by gunmen from a nearby home who heard the shooting. Stanislaus was shot several times in his bulletproof vest and head as he collapsed, his accomplice fled the scene in a nearby vehicle.


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