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Thursday 16 August 2018
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Sharda’s classical evening

Sharda Patasar (classical concert is being staged in celebration of Indian Arrival Day.)

A special evening of Indian culture and expression featuring classical sitarist Sharda Patasar will be staged in celebration of the arrival of indentured Indian labourers to TT in 1845.

The concert will also feature Indian classical dance numbers from troupes led by Mondira Balkaransingh and Susan Mohip, for whom Patasar will provide the “plucky” North Indian-meets-local-classical soundtrack on the evening, said a media release.

The commemorative event on June 10 at the Little Carib Theatre, White and Roberts Street, Woodbrook, is one of four upcoming productions that will also celebrate the theatre’s 70th anniversary.

Daughter of the award-winning musician Mungal Patasar, Sharda has been involved in music from a very young age, and while known for being a solo artiste, has a broad history and interest in collaborating with others in various experimental forms.

Flexing her natural flair for the sitar both home and abroad, she has collaborated with artist Christopher Cozier and poet Andre Bagoo on experiments with sound, light and words. She has worked on soundtracks for plays and local films, most notable among them Coolie Pink and Green, which won Best Documentary Short at the TT Film Festival in 2009, said a media release. She also served as producer, along with photographer Nyla Singh, and music director on the 2017 short documentary, Voices of a Century, which portrays brief oral histories of six East Indian centenarians.

She is particularly looking forward to bringing a taste of India to a venue that is, and has been, an institution for the performing arts in Trinidad.

“I can’t think of any space that I love more than Little Carib”, she said in the release. “First, there is the intimacy of the space, and second, the history of the theatre as a home for the arts. So I am thrilled to have been asked to perform for this occasion.”

Showtime is 6 pm and tickets can be bought at the venue.



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