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Thursday 16 August 2018
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MMA fighters to battle at RHAGE Mixed Martial Arts


RHAGE Mixed Martial Arts will feature TT top (MMA) fighters up against their Caribbean counterparts,on Saturday, at the Cascadia Hotel, St Ann’s at 7pm. There are nine fights carded on the night with co-main events featuring TT’s Omar Smith battling Shiaeine Blake of Jamaica and also from TT Brandon La Croix combating against top regional fighter Yohan Dupe (Martinique).

The self-confident Smith said, “I have been training vigorously for this fight in preparation of knocking him out. I feel confident in both mind and body as well as happy to represent my country.” La Croix also shared similar confidence in his countryman. “I plan to be in his face for 15 minutes and break his will. I’m going to finish him by knockout or submission, the choice is mine.”

The other fights carded on the evening are: Ken “Ironman” Bishop(TT) vs Bryan Bohouri (Martinique); Donnell Phillip(TT)vs Khadaine Hope(TT); Corwin D’Anjou (Guyana)vs Alrick Wanliss (Jamaica); and Juval Fortune(TT) vs Nakia Anderson (Jamaica).

The organiser of the event is pleased to host such an event in TT and said, “This event has been seven years in the making with the establishment of the Rough House Training Centre, the host of the largest national grappling tournaments and the building of the most accomplished fight team in TT. We aim to surpass local and international standards by showcasing a unique blend of Caribbean culture and its charismatic athletes.” Tickets for the event are available at Rough House, St James or 486-0755.


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